HOAs & Unlicensed Practice of Law

The Florida Bar Association has a proposal to require Homeowners’ Associations to hire a lawyer for such tasks as sending demand letters for unpaid dues, violations of CCRs, collecting debts, and drafting liens. It is under review by the Florida Supreme Court. The Florida Legislature passed a law last session that would allow the HOA’s managers to continue those administrative duties. It’s unclear whether the Florida Supreme Court’s opinion (requested by the Florida Bar Association) will be affected or how their opinion might be influenced by this new law. There is no set time by which we can expect an opinion from the Florida Supreme Court. Just another budget item to delve into on your HOA financials. Might there be legal risk lurking in how your HOA’s management handles its legal risks? Also verify what is covered for Board members and HOA members within your association’s insurance policies.

Golf Clubs

Do you golf? Somebody always asks that question. My response is that I have clubs. Still do not have enough time to actually use them, but I have a set.  We have been members of two other golf clubs, prior to the one we belong to now. My husband is the only person in this family who actually has the time to golf. Why we needed to belong to more than one club at a time is a point of debate. If you are completely honest with yourself, you may have to admit that you too do not have enough time to play golf regularly & join a club because golf takes too much time. I would have to say that’s my guess about why participation in the sport has dropped off. Golf takes about twice as much time as tennis. Maybe a difference of 3-4 hours per week. Multiplied over a year that amounts to 150-200 hours. You need to be retired or POTUS to be able to do that unless you devote every weekend to it, which won’t make your spouse happy if they are not playing with you. Younger people in their prime working hours look at that time commitment and think of what else they could be doing – working their way up at their company or building a business. And when will you find time for your family commitments?  Real estate can be an ideal business and investment!