Interest Rates, Inventory & Random Thoughts

The Federal Reserve is behind the curve and off the rails. I don’t believe they can control inflation at this point. It’s not in their charter. They have no control over fiscal policy and federal spending.

That said, if interest rates are rising and you think you should wait to buy property, you may be a victim of faulty reasoning. Inflation is running hotter than 5%. Your arbitrage opportunity is that difference between current interest rates and future inflation. You are at a sweet spot right now, where you can get in and reap the benefits as inflation trends higher, which it will. Your ability to get a fixed rate loan will lock in advantages for you. I can strategize with you on methods for reducing your transaction costs.

If you’re selling, always look at your net proceeds from selling when comparing brokerages, offers, etc. Don’t leave your money on the table.

Owning property now is more about the type of lifestyle you want to live and where. Being aware of the net present value (NPV) of a financial move is imperative to keeping your wealth growing and intact.

More wealth will be created in the next couple of years before we get to a more dangerous phase in the real estate market. There may be more multi-family and single family built to rent neighborhoods in progress right now, but your best move in most cities and towns is to own or move up. If you’re not an owner you will need to make more risky and speculative moves placing your funds in a stock market that will be more volatile going forward.

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Did You Know?

The average price per unit for multifamily dwellings in Phoenix is $100,000-$149,999 & in West Palm Beach it’s $150,000-$199,000?