Portfolio Analysis

Blog posts related to general property and portfolio analysis information in my market areas.

I use Monte Carlo financial analysis software capable of producing financial plans for entire portfolios of properties or generating reports for mixed-use properties. I can also develop financial analyses for individual properties, LLCs/Partnerships or loans.  Analyzing your entire portfolio can help you determine whether your desired yield is being achieved or whether you might want to consider the sale or exchange of parts of your portfolio to produce higher returns, etc.

To get access to our online ordering system, please send a request to done4uATkarenleebertiger.net with your e-mail address. We’ll send you a password to access the list of links for the Financial & Marketing Reports we can prepare for you. You will find instructions there, including links to our Submission Forms for each type of report requested. Those forms request the basic information needed to prepare the reports, including your preferred assumptions. Tell us whether you want a report in PDF format or as a webpage. You’ll be directed to the link below to enter the password to the online ordering & submission forms. We request a retainer fee to get started with the balance due on delivery.


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