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I’ve tried to spend as little time on electronic devices as possible since I live at the beach :-). That was, UNTIL we found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. Seems like everything is done online now.

Until electronics can do physical work there will always be work for persons who have trade skills and/or are willing to work at detailing & rehabilitating or re-purposing properties through adaptive reuse. Sometimes people just don’t see what is possible or preferable with a particular property. If you are interested in how these issues can totally transform entire communities, you may want to keep in touch with me as a potential buyer.

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Karen Lee Bertiger, REDM, Principal Broker at Karen Lee Bertiger, Lic. Real Estate Broker

  • In the real estate investment business since 1976
  • Became a real estate salesperson licensee in 1983 in Arizona, a broker licensee in 1987
  • Became a licensed Florida real estate broker in 2003
  • Former NASD Licensed Broker-Dealer Principal for Real Estate Securities

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