Do you have an income producing property or one that requires forced appreciation (adaptive reuse)?  I might be interested in acquiring in these areas:

Scottsdale & Northeast Phoenix in Arizona

Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River & Brevard Counties in Florida (known as the Treasure & Space Coasts)

Currently looking for multifamily properties (20+ units) nationwide. Submit a property for analysis or hire me to provide you a professional marketing package. In Florida, you can hire a broker as a “marketing” agent only, which could be an important legal distinction for your company.

I don’t publish submission criteria for acquisitions here.  Please send a request through the Facebook Messenger link to the right, e-mail, text  or call.

There are large numbers of properties that are now functionally obsolete (including those that most people just don’t want to live in or businesses don’t want to locate there) which may or may not require a large financial investment to bring them up to code or make them a desirable business location. In certain instances, this just may not be financially do-able by the current owner or it might bring the disposition pricing for their property out of line for the area or the income produced. Sometimes, however, it takes more imagination & hard work & cleaning to make a property desirable.

If you have funds to put to work, but don’t want to do the work yourself and  you are in my market areas or want to be, you may be interested in an investment you control financially & legally. The majority of my work product is production of financial & feasibility analysis for hedge funds, institutions, business owners, retirement plans, etc. If you are looking for an independent opinion or specific financial analysis, contact me about a consultation. This blog will try to be informational on general acquisition topics with footnoted sources of reputable information for reference and verification.

Blog posts related to general acquisition information in my market areas will be categorized as related to acquisitions.