Being Choosy

After digesting the financial news lately, I wonder if people will have to choose between being able to pay their bills/taxes and having children?

All of these new taxes have stealthily crept up on people who have decided to become full-fledged members of civil society, complete with kids, jobs, bills….and now they’re facing a future where the rules of the game changed midstream. A general undercurrent I am hearing is that people are tiring of it or they’re just in denial that they’ve been had. Happy talk, no negativity, all of that is good because we are all going to need as much good health, friendship and serenity as we can find.

However, there are certain laws and regulations in the real estate and financial industries which are likely to cause a complete collapse in the those industries. More on that later.


It is often said that you can’t choose your facts, just their interpretation. There is probably no point in trying to convince somebody they are mis-interpreting a fact. Which is why our society is so polarized.  They may believe that what they are saying is a fact! (Sometimes the only thing that’s a fact is the fact  they are talking!) Just because you say something is a fact and repeat it over and over does not make it so. But facts are the same the world over. They don’t require belief to be true.  Try to keep an open mind and ask yourself if someone is asking you to suspend disbelief in a very important matter, is what they’re telling you based upon a true fact or are they engaged in some type of manipulation? What’s in it for them?