So How’s Your 2018 Going?

If you’ve made 2018 “resolutions” or set annual goals, have you made the one that is most important to living the way you want? Can you guess it? It’s a Lifestyle Design goal! Jim Rohn said that if you don’t have plans for your life, someone else will. Are you going to just go with the flow and let circumstances determine what happens to your life, or are you going to design your best life by removing the circumstances that make your life harder & adding things that make your life easier to live your desired lifestyle? Make sure it’s your choice. Good choices = good life!

Golf Clubs

Do you golf? Somebody always asks that question. My response is that I have clubs. Still do not have enough time to actually use them, but I have a set.  We have been members of two other golf clubs, prior to the one we belong to now. My husband is the only person in this family who actually has the time to golf. Why we needed to belong to more than one club at a time is a point of debate. If you are completely honest with yourself, you may have to admit that you too do not have enough time to play golf regularly & join a club because golf takes too much time. I would have to say that’s my guess about why participation in the sport has dropped off. Golf takes about twice as much time as tennis. Maybe a difference of 3-4 hours per week. Multiplied over a year that amounts to 150-200 hours. You need to be retired or POTUS to be able to do that unless you devote every weekend to it, which won’t make your spouse happy if they are not playing with you. Younger people in their prime working hours look at that time commitment and think of what else they could be doing – working their way up at their company or building a business. And when will you find time for your family commitments?  Real estate can be an ideal business and investment!

3 Month Gaps

May, June and July were spent recovering from a health problem (or at least getting all screening tests that doctors like to order) and being in a doctor’s office roughly 3 times a week on average. That’s more than I had been to a doctor in 10 years’ time!

My history is one of not being overly concerned about my health, other than being fairly obsessive about eating well, sleeping enough, being active and taking a “wait and see” attitude if something seems a bit not to my liking. Generally, my attitude has been that I will go to a doctor when I have broken something or I’m unconscious 😉

This does not make doctors happy. Screened and tested for a solid three months, during which time nothing major or immediately life threatening has been found,  it seems a lot of my time  and money was wasted.  Why is it that if doctors cannot find anything major wrong with you they think they just need to do more tests?

Please don’t get me started on drug side effects. They mostly match any complaints I might have had, but then how are you to know if it’s the drug itself that’s actually maintaining a symptom that probably would have gone away with a little time? My method is to tell the doctors to take me off whatever has the same side effects as an original symptom. Let’s see if it goes away.

Do doctors realize how stupid they sound sometimes? (No offense to those doctors in the family.) It’s like an attorney asking you “Were you alone or by yourself?”

All kidding aside, there are a couple of doctors I like, but even they are meddlesome. I guess they don’t see many people my age without major problems. No, that’s not it, is it?  Doc: “Wouldn’t you want to know . . . if you were going to die?”  Me: “We’re all going to die someday.”

We can’t choose when we’re going to die or the how. But we can choose how we’re going to live.

I’m having a rant about our medical systems. They seem so oriented to disease. I prefer those practitioners who believe in integrative health so you can live your best version of yourself.