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You Are Who You Choose To Be

This time of year many people who made New Year resolutions are either proud of their efforts or disappointed in themselves.

It’s dangerous territory for you. If your self talk is negative you will have difficulty reaching your goals.

Think of it this way. Every time you have a negative thought, do you also think that it’s true (facts)???? It isn’t! Your thoughts are not you, they are just your stories. So every time you have a negative thought, think about it. Don’t automatically assume that any negative thought about yourself is true.

Ask yourself what could change a thought like that into a positive thought? Thoughts are like software. The negative self-talk is a glitch. Fix it to make it positive so you can move forward toward your goals.

Build a life that makes you happy and excited for every new day. Real estate is one vehicle to enable your desired lifestyle.

What if you’re confused about your goals? If you’re not crystal clear on what your true goals are, you will allow whatever gets in the way to drive negative thoughts, driving you away from making progress.

When you’re very clear on what you want (the outcomes) your goals will provide you with a spark of enthusiasm that makes it easier to stay positive. When you have a setback, it’s easier to reframe any negative thinking by turning it around into a positive thought.

It takes a little practice to become aware of any negative, self-defeating thought patterns.

They become habitual; sometimes from a very young age. Just by becoming clear on your goals and learning to examine your thought patterns so you can transform them into positive thoughts, you’ll be able to get yourself un-stuck, if you feel you’re not making progress.

A positive frame of mind is necessary for most anything worthwhile. Remember that anything worthwhile also usually takes time, so don’t let yourself become discouraged by keeping yourself in negative thought patterns.

You have a choice in what you think. You can change your thoughts at any given moment.

It’s not what you say to others that determines your life; it’s that self-talk! Don’t belittle yourself! Don’t allow your stories to sabotage the success you are seeking! Your negative thoughts can limit every part of your life if you do not take notice of them and change them immediately.

You may have repeated comments made by others as your own negative thoughts from being bullied, doing something embarrassing or failing at something important to you. But knowing that you can change these thoughts immediately (because, really, they could be someone else’s thoughts) you’ll realize that if you have them, others do too.

That means if you have internalized someone else’s negatives into your own stories, and you further embellished them, you need to understand that whatever is said to you in a negative light has more to do with the party who said it than it does with you. We tell ourselves all kinds of crazy stories!

Enough! Others’ negative thoughts, statements and actions toward us say more about them! So change your thoughts anytime! You do not have to accept what anyone else says about you!

You choose who you want to be!

So be clear on your goals and change your negative thought patterns. Once you think you are clear on your goals, examine them again! Is that really the life or business you want to build? Is it big enough? If you can dream it you can achieve it!

We do not dream outside the realm of our potentialities. You wouldn’t even be able to conceive it! Don’t allow others close to you to trash your dreams with their negative talk. Remember, it has more to do with them, than it does with you.

If you deal with procrastination or perfectionism, these thoughts can be changed as well. The new perfect is “good enough!”

Implement, take action, keep going, get started. Perfection for us mere mortals is a story from an imaginative mind! It’s a myth, a story you told yourself to avoid something else, such as feeling “not good enough.”

As it is often said, “Done is better than perfect!” On the other hand, do your best, because when will you find time to do it over? We all have limited time.

You are perfectly you!

What are your strengths? Concentrate on them. Trying to be “perfect” may be unleashing fearful emotions and thoughts.

Nothing good has ever come from unwarranted fear. Fear of not being good enough or being judged by others.

If you are putting out your best, why do you even care what others think? Most people will value your authenticity.

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