There is a misguided perception that we have a world water shortage. However, as a long-time Sonoran Desert dweller, I can tell you that you don’t conserve water in the Northeast to relieve drought conditions in the Southwest. There are however, regional and local water shortages and droughts. It is imperative that we do not needlessly pollute the local and regional water supplies where we live. There is a big movement to “eat local” so that fresh food is available in your region without being trucked in at further expense. It stands to reason that you would not want your local food being polluted by your own water supply.  Be aware of what’s upstream in your watershed. I used to love poring over U.S. Geological Survey maps as a hiker. Always good to know the lay of the land where you live. Is common sense being utilized to make sure that you even have a water supply to produce food? This is the top basic function of local governments. What happens in the future if people upstream cut off your water supply? What happens if you live in an area with an inadequate water supply? Are current assumptions about water still valid?   El Nino may be expected this year, creating or exacerbating new areas of drought conditions. If you are buying investment property in Arizona, make sure you have access to an assured water supply.

A great summer project for kids would be making rain barrels and growing fresh veggies. In the future, this may be even more important to your health and the well-being of your family’s environment, including all your local flora and fauna.