Free Tool Available for Estimating Your Property Improvement Costs


Get a FREE property portal to estimate your job improvement costs in your area BEFORE you contact a contractor. You’ll know in advance what your project should actually cost. This is a FREE service with no recurring costs to you. The portal also includes a property inventory where you can enter serial numbers & an insurance report to determine if you have enough coverage to replace your property. Send a message or email to get your portal.

Did You Know?

The average price per unit for multifamily dwellings in Phoenix is $100,000-$149,999 & in West Palm Beach it’s $150,000-$199,000?

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Coming improvements include the ability to fill in online forms to order financial reports for your real estate investing. Over the course of my career I have invested in sophisticated software for property analysis and production of many types of reports to assist you in making your best decisions. The one thing software cannot do is use its best judgment regarding assumptions necessary to accurately determine outcomes based on your circumstances.